Jah Cure - World Cry (Novo Cd 2012)

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01. Nothing Is Impossible

02. Can't Wait

03. Co-Sign

04. Before I Leave

05. Unconditional Love

06. Only Vice

07. Choose Up feat. Jazmine Sullivan

08. Me Miss

09. Like I See It feat. Mavado

10. World Cry

11. Reach Out

12. Save Yourself

13. Praises To Jah feat. Phyllisia

14. All By Myself

Hugh Mundell - Africa Must be Free (1983)

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1 Let's All Unite

2 My Mind

3 AfricaMust Be Free By 1983

4 Why Do Black Man Fuss And Fight

5 Book Of Life

6 Run Revolution A Come

7 Day Of Judgement

8 Jah Will Provide

9 Ital Slip

Horace Andy - Broken Beats ( Novo Cd 2013)

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01 – Bad Man (Rob Smith aka RSD Version) [feat. Million Teeth] (Rob Smith aka RSD Version)

02 – Changes (Oliver Frost Version)

03 – Money Money (Dubblestandart Version)

04 – She Say (Der Transformer Version)

05 – Skylarking (Oliver Frost Version)

06 – Cuss Cuss (Rob Smith aka RSD Version)

07 – Bad Man (Fenin Version) [feat. Million Teeth] (Fenin Version)

08 – Wicked Babylon Must Go Down (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill porto porto porto de galinhas
Umberto Echo)

09 – Bad Man (Fenin Dub Verison) [feat. Million Teeth] (Fenin Dub Verison)

10 – Skylarking (Oliver Frost & Eva Be’s Dub Version)

11 – Money Money (Dubblestandart Dub)

12 – Bad Man (Dub by RSD ak Rob Smith) [feat. Million Teeth] (Dub by RSD ak Rob Smith)

13 – Cuss Cuss (Dub by Rob Smith aka RSD)

14 – Changes (Oliver Frost & TVS Remix)

15 – Skylarking (TVS Version)


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